Home fitness: the new workout era

By now we’ve got used to closed gyms, and the feeling is that this is going to continue for a while. Because of this situation, home fitness has increased by 50% in relation to the pre-Covid era, and 7 out of 10 Italians declared they have been training at home at least once a month. Indeed, if before coronavirus 45% of people stated they never worked out at home, this number went down to 28% following the pandemic.

Some people took advantage of the pandemic and moved to online business: some examples can be the DownDog app to do yoga (with a 163% download increase in Italy) and Hoopy, an app to book a personal trainer for an on-demand workout session.

The Italian gym equipment leader company Technogym clearly took advantage of this situation by noticing a remarkable improvement regarding the home-fitness field, which registered a 50% growth during the first 2020 semester. The company has kept on improving the MyWellness Cloud and the latest addition is Technogym Bench, which contains equipment to fully enjoy a workout. It can be used with the Bike (to take part in home sessions with trainers from all over the world) or MyRun, the interactive treadmill that can be connected to your tablet.

What about exercises? Which are better? The most popular ones are push ups and core exercises (51%), followed by squats (29%), yoga (17%) and pilates (11%). Regarding the equipment to use, treadmills and exercise bikes are clearly the most used, even though it's possible to work out with your own bodyweight with calisthenics.

As you may have noticed, it is to be expected that this trend is going to continue for much longer, and it will be improved also thanks to artificial intelligence.

And you? Have you been training at home during the pandemic? Let us know in the comments below!