Travel and change the world!

It is such a banal catchphrase, isn’t it? How is it possible to change the world only by travelling? Read this article and you’ll understand what I really mean. The starting point? My experience!

It’s an experience which is detached from reality. You meet a lot of people you get on well with: maybe you’ll see off some of them after some days, weeks or even months, but in the end, you’ll have to say goodbye to every single one of them.

Let’s start!

I stayed in Bournemouth, which is a coastal town in the south of England, from July to September. It was a tough call to go there for 3 months, I must say; I had decided not to share this experience with other Italians so I left alone. I worked in a language centrewhich is called BEET. I was an intern, so I helped the staff in some tasks. A lot of students from all over the world decide to study there for many reasons; professionalism and love are the keywords to describe BEET in a nutshell. Thanks tothe people who work there, I had the opportunity to visit so many places: Oxford, London, Bath, Stonehenge, the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site, Wookey Hole Caves, Glastonbury Tor, just to name a few. Moreover, as a member of the staff, I was invited to the “2019 Summer BBQ” (oh gosh, I’m talking about an English BBQ!!!). It was so, so good and it was an opportunity to talk with other people; they appreciated my pronunciation and my Englishspeaking skills: the best news that I could have ever heard. Throughout my stay there, I felt at home and you can’t imagine how much love they gave me. Thanks to a friend, I got to know an English family who really appreciated me and let me taste some English dishes like Shepherd’s pie and the full English breakfast.

Okay, all right, it’s a nice story. But, what’s the point of this article? What does ‘Travel and change the world’ mean? Maybe you can find out the meaning by reading the following sentences: ‘Your soul is full of sunshine. Thank you for being a safe place for me to turn to’, ‘Thank you for being an absolute star as well as such a fantastic help to all’, ‘I love you more each day. Always part of the BEET family”, ‘Nobody has never been so kind to me. You always think about people around you, understand their feelings and try to do something for them from the bottom of your heart’. These are just some of the beautiful things I was told.

This is the answer to that question. No matter how much money you have, no matter whether you’re a successful person or not, what truly matters is your attitude, your values and your personality.

So, what are you waiting for? Travel, meet other people andbroaden your horizons!