Being a teenager during a pandemic: how Covid-19 has changed our lives

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought so many changes to our lives that we no longer remember how they used to be previously. Many people have lost their occupation, others have completely changed their habits and their daily routine, but if we think about a particular group of people who suffer the situation the most, they are the young people.

Due to DAD and the many restrictions that have come about because of the pandemic such as curfew and the closing of gyms and sport activities in general, young people have lost the biggest part of their social life. Students are used to saying how exhausting the school can be, but eventually we all know that it is also one of the most important places where you get to know other people, where you discover your talents and understand who you want to become in life.

But, if you can't stand school, your happy place can be the gym, where you can practice your passion and vent your stress away.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how stressed you can be, you'll surely want to go out with your friends, having fun and forgetting all your problems.

All these habits have now been compromised by the Covid situation and the psychological aspect is the one that suffers most.

According to some surveys, indeed, most young people feel more and more alone and stressed because they can no longer see their friends, do what they want, travel or work either. Not all homes are a happy place for young people because they might have a bad situation in their family that can be hard for them to stand.

Moreover, the fact that they stay home the whole day every day, is compromising their approach to their social life and so many of them affirm that they feel more closed and less sociable than before.

Of course, among these changes there are also positive ones, for instance some young people affirm that thanks to lockdown, they were able to ‘regulate’ their lives: those who, before, always went to sleep late and didn’t want to do housework or homework, are by now used to having a lot of time to spend and can spend it doing these things and having fun doing them, giving themselves some ‘rules’ that they didn’t have before. And this is positive for those who wanted this to happen but weren’t able to make it happen.

According to experts’ previsions, this situation will be fixed by 2023, but we all know that some things are now forever changed and will never come back, but what doesn’t have to change is our will to live life well and, especially together because, as Aristotle said, “man is a social animal”, and we all need to remember to stay together and help each other even when life doesn’t permit us to do it.