Build your future with no regrets

After all, we are teenagers when we finish high school, but we have to make an adult decision, don't we?

We feel adrift, disoriented and bewildered by not knowing exactly which direction we want to pick.

Now, my dear readers, I am a third-year student at SSML San Domenico in Foggia, but before reaching the goal of the degree, I consider it important to give a shout-out to the faculty I have chosen and why not, also a hand to those who want to pursue a career in the linguistic field.

If you are looking for a versatile, work-oriented and cutting-edge university, you are in the right place!

First of all, during the three-year course of Language Mediation at SSML San Domenico you will have the opportunity to test yourself in various sectors, since as you well know, foreign languages are relevant to any context: from tourism to fashion, from medicine to cooking, from technology to politics.

In addition, you will be able to study the various translation techniques and types of interpreting such as consecutive and simultaneous. Never fear: with the help of teachers and the tools available, you will end up becoming a good interpreter and translator!

You will have been told a thousand times that at the university you are just a number and that the student office is non-existent: at SSML San Domenico this is not the case. We all know each other, the professors will follow you throughout the lessons and the secretaries are very efficient. In this regard, I would like to thank Licia and all the professors who accompanied me on this beautiful journey!

Nostalgia moment aside, you will feel like you were at home, a home that you have to build from day one with a solid foundation, embellish with experiences and challenges, friendships and laughter, and keep it up with a lot of studying.

Do not feel lost or unmotivated, build your future and follow the path that you feel is best suited to you! No worries, but above all no regrets!