How did we spend our Christmas holidays during a world pandemic?

These Christmas holidays were certainly different from those of past years: no parties with friends, no out-of-town trips for skiing or for visiting relatives in another region or even in another country. My sister lives in Spain and she couldn’t be here for these holidays, we missed her. My holidays had a missing piece, we could not decorate our house and do the usual things we do all together. At least we called her, and in some way it was like she was with us.

On one hand during these holidays we felt really sad for having been deprived of so many things, on the other hand we enjoyed our time with our family, for those who were lucky to spend holidays with them.

We played cards and table games, we played bingo over video call, we ate delicious traditional dishes and watched Christmas movies. On December 31st we uncorked a bottle of sparkling wine at midnight and then called all our loved ones to wish them a better year. These holidays weren’t as bad as we thought they would have been.

Most of the young people of our generation in the past few years couldn’t wait to leave the family home to party with friends, and we were so wrapped up in our plan for the night, we did not fully enjoy the time spent with our family. These holidays taught us to appreciate the little things, to slow down time and to take nothing for granted, because if during these holidays you were healthy and had fun with your family, you have definitely been super lucky.