Music has accompanied man since the earliest age. Throughout history, it has expressed itself in different forms and has become important in everyday life. On the road, while studying, in moments of relaxation, it has always accompanied teenagers. It can be a way to escape from daily chores, to others it provides the energy to face the day, and some listen to it in sad or happy moments. There are people who are passionate about music and become artists with study and practice. Today, there are several platforms on which to listen to music such as YouTube or Spotify. Vinyl records are back in fashion. In the past, there were turntables and people could only go to concerts. Some names of famous artists, such as Mozart and Beethoven, have remained in history.

Music can be a real therapeutic tool. It is so salvific that we often speak of an “idol" referring to that singer or that band who manages to make a person feel good with their lyrics. In past centuries, there were artists who were seen as crazy visionaries in life, but, today, they are considered geniuses. Today, it is the exact opposite. The artist is the one who awakens sensations, who pushes the listener to relate to their themes. Teenagers find themselves in the words of the songs, they couldn't do without their favourite playlist. Music is an inexhaustible source of emotions, sensations and discoveries. It seems to talk about the experience of each of us and represents us when we are unable to express ourselves. Just put the headphones on and press play. The journey begins.