One day at a time

Whenever I think about the future I freak out. Leaving home, leaving my family, running into something completely new. It is so scary. I wish I had clear ideas, everything already planned, but I have to build my own path, one day at a time. My friends already know what they are going to do in their life, they have so many goals and I am still a drifting boat which has no clue where to go. I try to keep up but I always feel like I'm behind everyone.

‘Everything is going to be fine’ says a little voice in my head, unfortunately I’m an overthinker, so it is really hard to stay positive all the time but I’m sure that one day I’ll be able to understand who I really am and what my purpose in my life is.

A friend of mine told me: ‘you will figure out what you really want to do in your life by experiencing more things’ and I feel like it could be true. Sometimes it happens that you make a dream come true but then you realize you have idealized it too much and it is not how it was supposed to be. The opposite could also happen, you experience something you thought you could never like and then it grows on you.

Everything could happen, and life is what happens while you’re planning your future, so the suggestion I could give to my confused peers is to try not to worry too much. Planning your future and having goals is something very remarkable, but if you’re still a drifting boat like me let the tide take you to the right direction. Solve your problems one day at a time, you will find yourself while you’re sailing.