PewDiePie: a tribute to my favourite Youtuber

If you are familiar with YouTube, you’ve certainly heard about PewDiePie. If you haven’t, then I assume you live under a rock.

Felix Kjellberg, a.k.a. PewDiePie, is indeed a legend on YouTube. He’s been posting videos since 2010 and his channel has now got 110 million subscribers and counting. He started out in his small apartment in Sweden, where his desk was barely big enough to fit a computer, a keyboard and a microphone on.

But look at him today: he is only third to T-Series and YouTube Music when it comes to the subscriber count, and he lives in Brighton (UK) with his wife Marzia Bisognin and their two pugs Maya and Edgar.

The Swedish Youtuber used to post Let’s play videos, where he basically played videogames – mainly Amnesia, Happy Wheels and Surgeon Simulator – while making funny and entertaining commentary about them. It sounds silly and probably outdated, but he was actually one of the pioneers of this genre. Now everyone’s doing it.

Felix himself declared to be currently ‘retired’, since he is now only doing YouTube for fun; lately, he’s been filming reaction videos by himself or with his friends CinnamonToastKen and Jacksepticeye; he’s been playing a lot of Minecraft and he seems like he’s having a great time. I am actually so pleased, because PewDiePie has been through so many controversies, that it feels good to finally see the media loosen their grip on him.

I’ve been watching his videos since I was in middle school. To be honest, I understood 20% of what he was saying, but I still enjoyed every second. Now I am almost graduated and I understand 100% of what he says in his videos. In fact, Felix played a big part in developing my English skills, and he’s also a great inspiration when it comes to working out and how to live my life in general. He’s also kept me company during bad times and for this I’m forever grateful.

From Amnesia, You Laugh You Lose and Pew News, to Meme Review and Minecraft, it’s been a wonderful journey, through good and bad. Let’s hope that it will last a little longer.