Ready to fly?

Language, tickets, people from different countries, pilots, flight attendants: what a magic world we find just in one airport. The aviation industry is one of the most fascinating fields, but what’s behind it? There are many factors you have to consider before you get enchanted by the uniform; the hiring process of a flight attendant is challenging and the main job could be exhausting. Let’s see how it works.

There are some basic requirements an aspiring flight assistant must have, such as good knowledge of languages, you have to be at least 18 years old (but some other companies, like Fly Emirates ask for 21 as a minimum age), have a high school diploma, there are height limits because a stewardess should easily reach the overhead bins. Visible tattoos and piercings are not allowed and obviously you have to know how to swim. Once you are sure of having all these basic requisites, you can send your personal CV to the airline you prefer.

The airline you chose will check it and you have to face the second step: a test that certifies your communication skills. Then you will participate in an evaluation day and it is a great opportunity to show your worth. Composure is another fundamental skill: being able to handle stressful situations is the key to this job. Time schedules and possible jet-lag may make you feel groggy but you must be prepared and it is possible thanks to the training course. Here you learn how to shunt baggage, indicate passengers to their seats, listen to their needs and most of all what to do in case of emergency.

It isn’t that easy, but it’s worth it. Not only do you travel a lot, it is also a high-paying job: the average of a yearly salary is between 25,000$ and 50,000$.

Are you ready to wear one of those cute uniforms?