REEDYBOX, the innovation of the photo booth comes out in Foggia

The startup that saves memories from the smartphone labyrinth.

“Snap, share, print”, this is the catch phrase which highlights the distinctive characteristics of this innovative service: swiftness and user-friendliness. Reedybox came from the idea of two Apulian guys, Paride Vasco, 27 and Gianluca Lisi, 26 (respectively CMO and CEO of the business) who have been able to make a widely used customary service totally new. This has been possible thanks to a perfect integration of technology and Instagram, one of the most popular social platforms at this time.

Indeed, Reedybox is no more than a revolution of the photo booth: it no longer snaps pictures like the common photo booths but downloads and prints them with a customized frame directly from Instagram. The mechanism is simple: you take the picture with your mobile phone and share it on Instagram by adding three simple hashtags which vary in relation to the event.

The service purpose has, in fact, a double value: it promotes the remembrance of a certain date by permitting the rediscovery of the paper photograph which has been being lost progressively due to an increasingly prominent use of social networks; but above all, it wants to increase the engagement and the visibility of an event or a company brand on the social platform. As a matter of fact, Reedybox is in great demand in public and private events and receptions. Although it is a reality that was born in September, it has already met with success on Foggia’s territory because of its innovativeness and efficiency, which is ensured by an active and immersive team.

The next step will be to expand the service supply outside of Foggia and to reach national coverage over time, so that it will be possible to provide a strong marketing tool to every company which needs it