Responsible tourism can be considered a new way of travelling. It is about far more than just respecting and helping local people and the environment. In Apulia, especially in Gargano, which is not only an area with an incredible environmental heritage but also a land that evokes and narrates the age-old history of coexistence between man and nature, here responsible tourism is also about re-discovering how to experience nature and learning about it rather than just looking at it.

There are lots of well-equipped paths immersed in the low Mediterranean shrubland, offering a panoramic view of the sea and also nature and historical trails with breathtaking views where responsible travellers would rather go around on foot than sit in cars, and are determined to leave no physical evidence of their visit but their footprints.

If you want to experience a responsible holiday, you should ask a local guide: this will help you to discover more about the variety of the cultural, religious, anthropological and naturalistic aspects of the Gargano promontory. You should hire a bike or walk - it is a great way to meet local people and to reduce pollution and carbon emissions. All holidays have positive and negative impacts locally and responsible tourism should maximise the benefits and minimise the negative effects.

Therefore, in this particular period that we are all experiencing, a responsible contact with nature could be a great suggestion!

Be responsible, be safe and enjoy the Gargano!