The Coronavirus in Italy

We have been struggling with a pandemic due to COVID-19 for almost a year. It was March 2019 when the President of the Council of Ministers, Giuseppe Conte, declared the lockdown or the closure of all commercial activities, with the exception of supermarkets and pharmacies, to avoid the spread of the virus. This lockdown lasted until May 2019 when the various activities were reopened, obviously in compliance with social distancing and the use of masks. Summer arrived and holidays were spent in the national territory. In recent months, the cases of COVID-19 have been few and it seemed that the virus was disappearing.

But, with the arrival of autumn, the virus began to circulate more intensively and the restrictions were felt. Schools have opened, but there have been several cases of Coronavirus and then it was decided, depending on the region, to do distance learning. Italy has been divided into zones of different colors: yellow, orange and red, based on the number of infections and the burden of hospitalizations and intensive care units. Then came Christmas, New Year's Eve and the parties in the square and in the clubs were banned. We were locked in the house with our families. Despite all the restrictions, the virus continues to circulate throughout the country and, above all, in our city, where many families have contracted the virus and, unfortunately, there have also been several deaths.

In the new year, the vaccine against COVID-19 arrived. For the moment, it is administered to health workers and the elderly, residents of the health assistance homes. We hope that the vaccine can put an end to this worldwide pandemic to return to a normal life made of kisses, hugs, trips and parties.