Time is the best author: it always finds a perfect ending.

(Charlie Chaplin)

This quote by Charlie Chaplin is the perfect slogan to try to overcome, at least mentally, this whole situation around us. Chaplin can also be considered a genius of thoughts and cinema of the ‘30s, he was able to represent superlatively what the social conditions of those years were. These have guided and inspired Chaplin in the creation of his character, Charlot, who belongs to the working class.

In one of his masterpieces, “Modern Times”, he tried to represent not only social conditions of his time but also politics, work and the importance that these have on our lives. In “City Lights”, Chaplin tried to point out how truly important little things are: despite his situation and not having much, the tramp portrayed in the story was so humanly rich that he could help a blind girl and a millionaire.

This same concept can be found in his short movie “Sunnyside”. We should learn from this to grasp the true essence of everything, dig deep into what is the essential meaning of our lives and everything around us. We are still too attached to material things that it seems we have almost forgotten what is truly important. We should learn to give more importance to the values of life, friendship and love.

Chaplin’s quote is a wish through which it’s hoped that during all the negativity of this period we are able to realize that things that often seem frivolous or obvious, that everything we take for granted, are the most beautiful things.