Apulia is always full of news

We know that the future is in the hands of young people, who are full of ideas and innovations. This is the case of Nicola, Giovanni and Giuseppe.

FarminBox is a very recent and innovative project. Born to try, through the delivery service, not to stop the economy of the primary sector, which is essential for our territory, let alone the tradition of the products of our land at the table. The project is very popular and this can be seen from the number of orders that increase every day. FarminBox was the brainchild of two young cousins, Nicola Lombardi and Giovanni Dotoli, with the aim of bringing the tradition of the Tavoliere delle Puglie area into homes through an innovative delivery system. The intention is to discover how each product is made, from the preparation of the soil to its arrival on your tables, passing through the phases of sowing, maturation and harvesting.

First of all, the type of service they offer is currently not offered by anyone else in Italy: a process that does not stop at delivery, but which also wants to tell customers about the cultivation process, up to the collection of the products.

While for Giuseppe Savino, the first tulips have blossomed. They peek out in that land, almost at the foot of the Gargano. The harvest of the flower thus becomes an event, an experience to be shared. A moment of aggregation and sharing. The idea of the tulip field and the agricultural theory of beauty will be presented and prototyped at the Ministry of Agriculture.

Every day our beloved Puglia grows more and more and becomes more and more beautiful, thanks to people like them and we just have to admire and support this beautiful heritage.