How not to graduate

If while reading this article, you are crying about the “exam anxiety”, you are in the right place. Stop whining about deadlines and how much work you have to do and listen to these few tips. They aren’t the perfect solutions for any problem, but at least they may give you a hand.

1. Don’t let Instagram&Co hypnotise you

You may be familiar with the “Instagram-TikTok-Whatsapp loop”, so get rid of your phone. Try to avoid any distraction: technological devices are the main symbol for any student’s temptation, mostly because they are useful to clear up your doubts, by asking some friends or better Google, on the other hand they are also a trap. Who could say they never opened TikTok after searching for something on Google and realised to have spent an hour scrolling “interesting” posts? There are many gadgets on Amazon that make your phone inaccessible, or you could uninstall social networks temporarily, or even ask your mom to keep it away from you until you finish your homework.

2. Organise your week

In this case you’ll need a pen and an agenda: writing down every assignment is already a great help, especially if you combine them with any other activity of your routine. Many students complain about their limited social life; friends and family are fundamental and they could also help you, both concretely and psychologically. But remember that associating activities to a precise schedule should be an extra help and not another obsessive obligation.

3. Rest!

Studying every day and making efforts to live a “normal” life is anything but easy and there is not always enough time to watch films or to read a book. Many people start a TV series and finish it in one shot, usually all night long, waking up exhausted so that the entire schedule you’ve organised goes awry. Set specific times to respect, and your body will get used to it.

Now, take a breath and find the most suitable method for you, but more importantly, leave your phone and live your life.