Why is our generation so influenced by social networks

So many times, on my social networks I see videos, memes, and messages which sarcastically make me see life in a pessimistic way. I am starting to think that people are sad and pessimistic as if it were a trend. I am sure that if we always saw motivational cheerful content on our social networks, we would be so much happier and motivated than we are. Am I justifying my pessimism? Maybe.

I don’t deny that I’m the first person to re-share that content, sometimes because it makes me laugh and sometimes because I relate to it. Unfortunately, it makes me happy only momentarily, because in that moment I didn’t change my attitude. In fact, I just supported it. Being positive, happy, pessimistic or sad actually depends on us. If you want to improve your attitude towards life you just have to do it. Sometimes social networks make us compliant instead of helping us to react, to prove otherwise, to never give up.

Our generation is always looking for someone who understands how we feel, we need confirmations, so those posts on social networks which express the exact way we feel, make us feel understood, but not necessarily better. If you think about it just for a moment, these content creators earn thanks to insecurities of young people and don’t hesitate to nourish them, worsening the situation.

To change this situation and our attitude we could create our own motivational happy content in order to help us and other people improve, or at least we could take that negative content as a challenge to think positive and prove those content creators wrong. Life can be wonderful, only if we let it happen.