The show must go on

Show business employees, historically unprotected, are among those who have borne the devastating consequences of the pandemic at work. The sector has been flat for about a year.

These employees demand to the Government to face up to their responsibilities. They need necessary resources to guarantee the survival of millions of people and of the world of entertainment. Therefore, we were witness of peaceful protests that gather all those who work in events, shows, fairs, congresses and live music.
For example, on 22nd February, in Foggia like all over Italy, theatres came back to turn on the lights after a year.
“We will be in front of the smallest theatres, which are the lifeblood of the Italian theatrical system, up to the largest national theatres and the most important opera houses of our country,” said U.N.I.T.A (an association that supports and promotes the entertainment sector).
“There will be other peaceful protests because the theatre belongs to everyone and we miss it when it’s closed,” added the association.
Indeed the next appointment will be in Rome on April 17th: ‘Bauli in piazza’ (the second national demonstration of the movement born in October will take place with the deployment of 500 trunks).

The show must go on!
Going to theatres allows you to build a collective consciousness; without this glimmer, without these places of culture we can’t live.