Santa Claus in coming to Candela

The little Christmas town makes its comeback. From the Santa Claus Village to the Lego Art Exhibit: Candela’s magical Christmas!

Candela, a town of 2000 inhabitants in the province of Foggia,is nestled in a landscape surrounded by green hills and lush fields on the slopes of Monti Dauni, and it is steeped in culture, history and gastronomic specialities.

The Advent season is the most beautiful time of the year, in particular if you can feel the Christmas spirit.

On 1st December, beyond the inauguration of the famous four-storey village which has been open to tourists for 4 years, a sea of lights has transformed Candela’s dull landscape into a sparkling Christmas wonderland, to the delight of thousands of people who come from all over Italy attracted by the breathtaking atmosphere.

Candela stands out, offering an unforgettable Christmassy setting, for both adults and children: A huge Christmas tree, illuminations displayed throughout the town, a living nativity scene along its narrow streets, and a four-storey Christmas village, offering more than you can expect.

On the first floor, in fact, you can visit the Lego Art Exhibit, an exhibit of works realized with the world’s most famous bricks. On the second one, there is a toy museum showcasing a huge collection of vintage and antique toys. Get ready to lose yourself in the mesmerizing ornaments and dazzling pops of red of a Christmas wonderland-inspired village displayed on the third and fourth floors. Here children can find a creative workshop and have the possibility to meet Santa Claus, who is ready to welcome them with open arms, to take photos with them and to receive their letters.

The city centre is hosting a Christmas market, with several wooden booths entirely dedicated to the purchase of a range of unique, vintage Christmas gifts, decorations and more and to the feast of your taste buds.

Moreover, the organizing committee thought about how to provide entertainment for children through Christmas songs and a carousel to brighten their holiday season even more.

So why would anyone wish to escape to sunnier climes? In fact, it is much easier – and more heart-warming – to truly immerse yourself in the magic of the festive period. Candela offers many ways of embracing the Christmas spirit. Take a stroll along the city centre to experience the special Christmas magic that awaits you there.